Synergy Underground Utilities Health & Safety Policy

This policy applies to Synergy Underground Utilities workers, all work locations, and its sub-contractors working under Synergy Underground Utilities direction.


Synergy Underground Utilities is committed in providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees with the goal of preventing occupational hazards and injuries. To express that commitment, the following is the basis of our Health and Safety policy.


As an employer Synergy Underground Utilities is dedicated to eliminating the possibility of accidents, injuries and illness by providing a healthy and safe work environment.


Managers, supervisors and all staff are instructed to practice due diligence to ensure good Health and Safety policies and procedures are followed. Supervisors, with staff under their supervision, are responsible that adequate safety training is received and applied.


Managers and supervisors are responsible to ensure the safety of the vehicles, equipment and the facilities and that all reporting mechanisms for identification and correction are being followed.


Employees must protect their health and safety by complying with applicable Acts and Regulations.


They are to follow policies, procedures, rules and instructions as prescribed by Synergy Underground Utilities. It is the duty and obligation of every employee of Synergy Underground Utilities to report to their manager, as soon as possible, any hazardous conditions, accidents, injuries or illness related to the workplace.


Synergy Underground Utilities recognizes that the nature of our work creates a variety of work site conditions that are potentially hazardous or have safety concerns. We will do all that is possible to eliminate the hazard.


Synergy Underground Utilities supports and encourages employees to play an active role to support Health and Safety.