SYNERGY Group of Companies focuses on the Design construction and activation OF TELECOMMUNICATION and utility INFRASTRUCTURE. Specializing in horizontal drilling and Hydro Vac (NON-DESTRUCTIVE Excavation).

Our Philosophy & Mission

Synergy Group of Companies has one simple philosophy: It will be done right regardless of what it takes. This belief has evolved from the values we share as a family-oriented business; honesty, integrity, fairness, cooperation & respect. Based on our commitment to this way of life, our mission is to become the first company people think of for utility/telecommunication network construction.

We Aim To:

  • Deliver the highest quality product and service at the lowest possible cost:
  • Remain on the cutting edge with advanced equipment and technology;
  • Treat clients, associates, employees, subcontractors and vendors as respected partners;
  • Commit to the maximum level of safety for all members of our team;
  • Maintain top-notch expertise in education, training and skills development;
  • Create an environment where each team member can contribute and grow to reach his or her potential and career objectives.


Founded in 2012 our management staff have over 100 years of experience in the field both in this country and abroad. Our wide range of experience makes no job too big or to small.

Our People:

  • Jarvis McKay, President, has been in the utility/construction industry for more than 25 years in the GTA.
  • Earl Dusek, VP of Operations and Business Development, has more that 35 years in the Telecommunication industry.
  • Rob Liss, Director of Construction Services, 30 years of experience within the Telecommunications/Construction industry.
  • Ibrahim Isa, Controller, 12 years of experience 6 at the senior level.
  • Our Field staff led by Lonnie Burton have a collective total of over 90 years of horizontal drilling, hydro vac and construction experience.

Our Experience:

  • Synergy has experience in the placement of direct buried cable and mutli-duct, HDPE and steel pipe as well as gas, hydro, water and sanitary sewers. The construction and activation of telecommunications equipment and non-destructive excavation (hydro vac). We combine our services to exceed our customers expectations.

Our team consists of on-site management, hydro vac-excavation, directional boring the placement of cables/vaults as well as installation and activation of electronics including waste management solutions. We combine our services to bring our clients satisfaction and ease to projects. Have a look at our aerial video.