Synergy Underground Utilities specializes in Directional Boring and Hydrovac Excavation…

Our Philosophy & Mission

Synergy Underground Utilities has one simple philosophy: It will be done right regardless of what it takes. This belief has evolved from the values we share as a family-oriented business; honesty, integrity, fairness, cooperation & respect. Based on our commitment to this way of life, our mission is to become the first company people think of for utility network construction.

We Aim To:

  • Deliver the highest quality product and service at the lowest possible cost:
  • Remain on the cutting edge with advanced equipment and technology;
  • Treat clients, associates, employees, subcontractors and vendors as respected partners;
  • Commit to the maximum level of safety for all members of our team;
  • Maintain top-notch expertise in education, training and skills development;
  • Create an environment where each team member can contribute and grow to reach his or her potential and career objectives.

Our People:

  • Jarvis McKay, President, has been in the utility industry for more than 20 years in the GTA.
  • Our staff have a collective total of over 90 years of horizontal drilling experience.

Our Experience:

  • Synergy has experience in renewable energy projects (solar, wind), telecommunications, gas, hydro, water and sanitary sewers.

Our team consists of on-site management, hydro-excavation, directional boring and waste management solutions. We combine our services to bring our clients satisfaction and ease to projects. Have a look at our aerial video.